Visiting the Nymphenburg Park Palaces

As if told you in my previous post I’m going to change my blog and IG a bit.

So what I want to share with you today is a little journey through one of the most beautiful places in Munich.


Have you ever heard of the palace of Nymphenburg? It’s a wonderful one built in the year 1664 by the elector Ferdinand Maria. And guess what – it was a gift to his wife!

(Maybe Kai wants to build a castle for me one day as well 😀 )

But not only the main castle is a special place. There is more to discover in the park. Strolling through that beautiful green space will lead you to at least one of four “little” palaces as well.

And trust me: those are all worth a visit!

So yesterday we decided to make a little tour by ourselves through the park. Maybe a few of you have seen it on Insta Story. And if not: follow us on our journey through the pictures below. ☺


This beautiful single-level building is called Amalienburg. And with the pink colored facade it’s also a girls dream come true, isn’t it?

Amalienburg is also a gift by a man to his wife called Amalie.

Maybe it was quite a thing back in the days.

Anyways. Seems like she was a lucky girl. 😉

This one is my second favorite I think. The rococo décor is so rich and decadent that I had to fall in love with this building somehow.

It also has a hall of mirrors which I really love. The reflections in the mirrors and “reflectcaptions” (I’m such a great wordsmith 😀 ) always amaze me. What do you love the most about palaces? 


The one on the picture up is called the Badenburg.

The location is wonderful. It was built in front of a little lake where you can see lots of swans and ducks swimming.

The interior is more oriented on the Chinese style and there is a room with a wonderful (and somehow extraordinary) pink and green wallpaper.

It also has an indoor pool with wonderful marbled walls which really is #interiorgoals.

Here you can see the Apollotempel. A monopteron dedicated to the greek god Apollo. So this might be the home of light, fine arts, cure and spring.

And if you ask me: although it’s fall the building really embodies the god with all it’s characteristics perfectly. 

We found this little bridge on our way to the third palace.

It looks so enchanted and fairytale-like that I had to share this image with you.


The Pagodenburg is my favorite of all those wonderful palaces.

It combines Dutch tiles (and you know how much I love the Dutch) with Chinese interior.

The blue and white tiles remind of the Delft ware but don’t show Dutch motifs but Chinese ones.

The upper floor enfolds a cute room with a tiny bed and a beautiful chess table.

Oh, how much I’d love to call this place my own! ♥

#4.  Magdalenenklause

The last pavilion is called Magdalenenklause.

This building combines a chapel with some living rooms which is somehow strange but also interesting.

While the ex- and interior of the living rooms are dominated by dark wood the chapel is a real eye catcher.

The chapel is build like a grotto.

The main building materials are stone and…shells. Yep. You didn’t read out.

It’s so impressive to see all those tiny and large shells on the walls and the ceiling. It looks like out of this world beautiful.

I hoped you enjoyed this little tour through the park of Nymphenburg.

Have you ever been there?

What are your favorite palaces to visit?

Lots of love,

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