Amsterdam. Day and Night.


Describing this city is nearly impossible to me. When I talk about A it’s like singing a love song.

I went to three cities in two weeks now which made it easier to compare them to each other and I really have to say: there is none like Amsterdam.

The thing with this town is that it’s so progressive in so many ways.

The architecture speaks for itself. Old buildings and new ones go together so well like someone really thought long and intense about it. The typical tiny canal houses are charming and the big windows look so great and special that you are always wondering how it is to see the world from behind.

I’m dreaming about owning a little place someday there. It’ll be wonderful…

Anyways. This post is dedicated to you and also to Amsterdam so I have to focus now instead of dreaming 😀



Yep. This is a point on my To-Do list. Amsterdam is pretty small so you can go from A to B easily by foot and it’s totally worth it. You are going to find so many great and unique corners by just strolling through the city.

Tip! I highly recommend a stroll by night as well. Most bars close about 1 a.m. and the city is very empty then. A very special experience with all those light reflections on the canals and enlightened windows! 😉


Amsterdam has the highest density of museums worldwide.

So I’m sure there is also one you are interested in 😉

 Jewelry, Bags, Cats, Prostitution, Arts, History…There is a museum for all these things.

The places I’ve been to:

The Van Gogh Museum

Great selection of wonderful artworks by the painter. It allows getting a whole new perspective of Van Goghs life. The collection is composed of his masterpieces and also works which aren’t that popular.

Tip! On Fridays the museum opens its doors until 10 p.m. and they are playing some live music. 😉

Museum Het Grachtenhuis

This one is one of my favorites!

You can walk through an old canal house and discover how these tiny but beautiful houses look from the inside.

And after you dreamed yourself away in the beautiful rooms of the house you can take a seat and relax in the little garden which belongs to the museum.


Don’t go there! The selection was okay, the house was full but the works of Banksy weren’t treated like they should and they were playing music in the building which didn’t fit the themes of the artists which was quite disturbing. Also it was quite expensive for the few artworks!

Stedelijk Museum

If you are into modern art this one is definitely worth a visit! 😉

Katten Kabinet

This one seems to be a quite funny place to go to.

Even tough I have to admit that I wasn’t there yet (but my sister was). You can see a collection of artworks from Rembrandt to Picasso based on the topic “cats”  and it is also the home of a handful of real living cats – meow! 😀


If you haven’t had enough viewing canal houses from the inside in the Grachtenhuis this place is also very nice. You can walk through Rembrandts house, see his artworks, interior and also atelier!

Flower Market.

The flower market is very touristic but also worth a visit. At least the ceiling is! There are flowers hanging all over it which is definitly an eye catcher! ♥

When I get to the market hut for the first time I won’t keep my gaze down! By the way: you are not allowed to take photos there. But how could I resist this beauty?

And if you are looking for a tacky souvenir you are going to find it here for sure. But across the road is a little shop, which sells old Vogue covers, etchings of Amsterdam and many more which is totally great if you are looking for a souvenir or two!

North Sea.

Tip! One other thing I’d like to recommend to you is a trip to the coast of the North Sea!

The train tickets are cheap and it only takes about one hour to go to coastal cities like Zandvoort, where we went to. There are a few cafés and restaurants right at the beach so if it’s cold outside you can sit cozy on the inside and watch the massive waves go by, while rain drops at the huge windows and you sip on a cup of coffee.

For the warmer days: get yourself a picnic (you can buy great food at the Albert Heijn supermarkets) and grab your blanket. If you are brave enough you can also bring you swimwear and enjoy the cold water! 😉

Trust me: you really should do something like this!

Still on my bucket list.

#1. Visiting the Portuguese Synagogue.

#2. Driving to Zaanse Schans and look at the windmills.

#3. Anne Frank museum.

#4. Rijksmuseum.



Amsterdam is all about canals. The whole city was clearly constructed like a spiderweb and the spinning threads are the waterways, which make the city so unique.
So staying in a Houseboat is quite a thing in Amsterdam. When you stroll through the picturesque streets you’ll see that the canals aren’t just empty confluent streams but rather living spaces for a lot of people – boat people.
The experience to live on a boat is really incomparable, because when it’s windy (and it is windy very often in Amsterdam! ☺) the whole boat starts to sway to and fro with the waves, which I think was really cool.
So when you are looking for a special experience for your stay I would totally recommend you to book your stay on one of these beautiful boats.

Personal recommendations:

#1. Southern Comfort – Simple yet clean houseboat B&B with kitchen for free use. The host Jona is very friendly.

#2. Energy Houseboat – Tiny and clean Houseboat just for you.


Air Bed and Breakfast is such a cool website! I love scrolling down those pages to discover great places to stay. And that’s what I did for you as well, even tough those aren’t tested recommendations 😉 :

#1. Design Loft – Great looking industrial loft with huge windows in Jordaan.

Tip! #2. Charming house – This one looks so great, the interior is wonderful and it even has a little balcony!

#3. Apartment in the city center – This Airbnb is located in the rooms of a 19th century building. Really unique!


There are many wonderful hotels in Amsterdam, some of them are expensive some of them aren’t, but the thing is: finding a good and nice hotel isn’t always that easy, is it?

I have to tell you that I was never staying in an Hotel while staying in Amsterdam, but I have to recommendations by a friend of mine:

#1. Golden Tulip Amsterdam – A big and nice looking hotel, 15 minutes from the heart of the city.

#2. Mercure Amsterdam Sloterdijk – A very good deal, 5 minutes by train to Amsterdam Centraal.


You didn’t expect finding camping here, right? So I’m not into camping but my boyfriend is. And if you love someone you have to compromise from time to time. Instead of camping in a tent we had a little hut there which was quite cute and you can get up to the sound of the birds singing.

Btw: there is a big river or lake (I’m not quite sure what it is) in front of the camping place where you can go swimming, sit at the beach or rent a paddle boat.

#1. Camping Zeeburg – If you are into the simple things in life: this is your choice 😉


Taking a vacation is also always about food, isn’t it?

So if you are looking for cool and tasty food locations I get you covered! 😉


Breakfast & Coffee

#1. Ree7 – this place is great for everything from breakfast to cake. And it’ll look great on your IG feed. 😀

#2. CC Oude Doelen – Here you can have great coffee and a good cake while watching the time pass by through large windows.

Tip! #3. De Taart van m’n Tant – All-time favourite! The cakes are so tasty and the interior is full of kitsch.

#4. The Breakfast Club – The name says it all.

#5. Brunchroom – Looking at those pictures will surely convince you to visit this place.

Lunch & Dinner

Tip! #1. Hummus House – I love the Middle Eastern cuisine and this one is definitely amazing. The music is a bit loud but you forget about it while eating!

#2. Foodhallen – If you are looking for a big variety go there! It’s an indoor food market and worth a visit!

#3. Upstairs Pannenkoeken – Pannenkoeken are quite a thing in the NL. Here you get the most and best variations of it!

#4. Lavinia Good Food – Breakfast all day long and healthy lunch. What are you waiting for? 😉

#5. Prins Heerlijk – Very tasty burgers (also vegetarian!) for a good price!

Things to know.

#1. Please visit the Albert Heijn supermarkets. You won’t regret it!

#2. We often bought day tickets, which are a great deal. One ticket in the train is 12,50 per day. You can also buy an OV-chipcard which is similar to the Oyster card in London.

#3. Be aware of cyclists! 😀

#4. If you are into shopping I recommend walking through the nine straatjes. You are going to find great and unique stuff there!

#5. Amsterdam is divided by the river IJ. From the centraal station you can take a ferry for free to the northern side of the town.

#6. Amsterdam has more canals than Venice.

#7. The Dutch speak English like their mother language.

#8. Visit the Paleis op de Dam. It’s such a beautiful palace! ♥


I decided to add a little personal note into my travel posts. Stories is the place where I share some funny or interesting anecdotes with you. Let’s start with a little Amsterdam one.

Maybe a few of you have seen my stories while travelling. There was one day when I wore a long green dress with puffy sleeves and “fringes” which you can knot in the waist (the described Zara dress can be found here and soon on the blog).

So after a long day of walking through the city and visiting the Stedelijk Museum the boy and me decided that we needed a break. We sat down by a cafe with some tea. The boy had to use the toilet, so I was sitting all alone in front of the cafe. A stranger came up to me and said something in Dutch. I excused myself and asked him in English what he just said. He than told me that he really likes my robe, because it’s kind of “strange”. He kept starring at me until the boy came back and said “Sorry, but I can’t stop starring. That’s such a nice and unique dress. It reminds me of a bath robe.”

So whenever I’m seeing this dress hanging inside my closet now I’m going to think of it as a bath robe! 😀



  1. Anna
    August 24, 2017 / 7:06 pm

    Ach ja Amsterdam, für mich auch die schönste Stadt, in der ich bis jetzt war. Sehr gute Tips meine Liebe! Ich mochte das Ree7 auch unheimlich, witzig, dass es euch auch dort hinverschlagen hat. ♡♡♡

  2. August 31, 2017 / 7:18 pm

    Wow Amsterdam looks amazing, and even more beautiful through your pictures Katharina! We are visiting too this year and I can’t wait to be there! I loved following your journey through Instagram, such fun stories 🙂
    A friend was telling me today that the Dutch speak English like their mother language and we were discussing about the high level of life in general there. My husband could move permanently in Amsterdam in a heartbeat haha! I am totally taking your recommendations into account, the Breakfast Club sounds promising 😉
    Thanks for sharing and have a great rest of the week!

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