Summer Vacation? Outfit Inspiration!

We are having a long weekend currently in Germany because it’s Pentecost and also the school holidays just started.

So everyone is in a wonderful vacation mood here.

And I am too.

Not because I’m driving or flying somewhere else now but in 14 weeks (yay!). ☺

Rafia and I are planning this trip for a while now but it started becoming clearer lately.

This is also the reason why I have to think hard and long about my next outfit posts on the blog… 😀

Which piece fits in which city? What do I wear in Munich and what while we are away?

Thinking about this topic I decided to share my thoughts upon this issue with you!


I think there are two ways to dress Parisienne.

The first one is based upon our concept of Paris generated by the media (especially films). The “la cité d’amour” kind of where the whole town seems to be the most romantic spot in the world.

The second way is the modern Paris. The style is more laissez-faire and manages to unify casual and elegant without any (noticeable) effort.


When thinking about Rome you also have to think about living la dolce vita.

The sweet and joyful life can also reflect itself in fashion.

Thinking about brands and designers like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Prada the Italians clearly know how fashon works. Patterns, prints and a mix and match of unique pieces are the base of a good statement style and also of your summer wadrobe! ☺


Summer, Sun and Sea.

That’s all I can think of while having Capri in my mind.

So what are you going to wear for sure while heading to Capri?

Swimwear of course! This is why I created two styles where the swimsuit also serves as a top. ☺

I hope you enjoyed my ideas!

Where are you going to be during the summertime?

Have a wonderful week

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