The Bodysuit


BODYSUIT: Zara CROWN: Regalrose BAG: &otherstories JEANS: H&M SUNGLASSES: &otherstories SHOES: &otherstories

lookbook-body-zara-patchwork-denim-hm-gold-heels-andotherstories-streetstyle-2lookbook-body-zara-patchwork-denim-hm-gold-sunglasses-andotherstories-streetstyle-1 lookbook-body-zara-details-buttons-fashion 2


Monday afternoon. I’m sitting at the desk of my worktable and I’m doing my very best to organize a few things for the upcoming weeks.

I’m planning to go to the BREAD&BUTTER from the 2nd until 04th of September, which is a pretty huge convention with fashion shows and electronic music (hint: Gigi Hadid is going to come too! ♥.♥)There will be great fashion shows from Topshop, Ivyrevel, Nike,etc… . I hope everything works out fine and I’ll be able to go, because it would be soo cool! ☺

Second thing which is on my September schedule is hopefully to travel and go on vacation – finally! It’s been too long since I had time to just relax and doing nothing but enjoy the sweets of life.

Another thing I want to tell you about: my blog is going to (hopefully) crack 1k soon on Insta and I think I’m going to celebrate this a little with you guys (suggestions welcome!).

You can let me know what you think about it in the comment section here or on Insta. ♥

T H E  L O O K

Now a few words about today’s outfit:

it’s all about that body, isn’t it? 😉

I’m talking about real #bodygoals.

The bodysuit first came up in fashion history in the 1950ies when (costume) designer Claire McCardell invented the early versions of it. Later her creations should inspire and influence huge fashion designers such as Donna Karan or Calvin Klein. And I’m thankful about her invention of the great onepiece.

What I love about bodysuits? They really suit you. Literally. Have you ever tucked a shirt in your skinny jeans and thought: “damn! there are all these wrinkles and crinkles suddenly showing up under the tight fabric! “

Yep. You know that feel. And that’s why a bodysuit always looks great with tight bottoms.

So I decided to wear it with my new beloved patchwork denim by H&M, a holographic clutch, golden shoes and sunglasses by andotherstories. Another little eyecatcher and one of my dearest jewelry items: the Regalrose crown! 🙂

Have a lovely week!


lookbook-body-zara-details-buttons-fashion 1 lookbook-body-zara-sunglasses-andotherstories-crown-regalrose-redhead-fashion-2


lookbook-crown-regalrose-details-redhead-redhair-fashion lookbook-body-zara-sunglasses-andotherstories-crown-regalrose-redhead-fashion-1

lookbook-body-zara-patchwork-denim-hm-gold-heels-andotherstories-streetstyle-3 lookbook-body-zara-patchwork-denim-hm-gold-sunglasses-andotherstories-streetstyle-3 lookbook-body-zara-patchwork-denim-hm-gold-sunglasses-andotherstories-streetstyle-2


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