Suit and Elephantbag (Gamiss Review)


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“Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”


I’ve gone through a rough patch lately and I’m still kind of suffering from it. As you may or may not know I’m an arts student. So most of the time I’m producing art and hopefully I’m going to exhibt my works somehow, somewhere. So this July I had the chance to be part of an exhibition but my work broke right before it and so it was impossible for me to take part in it. I was pretty sad and also mad. I was in doubt about myself, about the life I’m living and about me letting this happen and just…accepting it. If you want something really bad you should not let anything draw you down. You have to fight for the things you love and put all the impossibilities out of your way!

And I? I didn’t. I forgot it somehow and it didn’t happen to me in a while now.

If you have huge goals in life, if you dream about something big and all you have is pretty small – it’s not impossible to get there! Just keep in mind why you want what you want so badly and make yourself a plan.

You will get there somehow.

The result is: I’m going to do my very best (again). I’m going to work harder, to keep my head up and to make my way through all this art mess in my head! 😀

Talking about possibilities…other thing in life aren’t impossible at all – they are an essential.

Yes! You know what I’m talking about!

Shopping (of course, lol).

Another look, another shop to check out. In this and the upcoming post I’m going to introduce to you clothing by GAMISS . If you are ever looking for reasonable and lovely clothing you should check their shop out!

It took them less than ten days to deliver the products to Germany. It seems like those were packed with care because they arrived here in perfectly clean condition! 🙂

First item is the super cute elephantbag from the photos, which I loved from the very first second. It somehow reminded me of a similiar one from Loewe which I’ve seen on a blog about a year ago… 😉


IMG_8032-3IMG_7816-3 IMG_7974-3 IMG_8088-3 IMG_7878-3


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