How to Wear a Turban this Season


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While doing some online shopping I noticed that turbans are coming back.

Not like the turbans we know from old indian men or from some persians back in human history. I’m talking about turban headbands or hats.

Remember when Carrie Bradshaw wore a vintage turban selected by Patricia Field in Sex and the City 2 when the girls are traveling to Abu Dhabi? How perfect was this? Yep. Damn perfect. 😉

carrie-bradshaw-turban-inspirationSource: Warner Bros.,

I wasn’t a huge fan of headbands to be honest. Mostly they reminded me of my childhood days during the winter months, when it was too cold to go outside without your ears covered…

Anyways. As I saw the turban headband again it was in May this year on the page of andotherstories and I thought to myself: this headband looks just incrediebly beautiful. So I bought it aaand…left it in my wardrobe for way too long.  I was even thinking about sending it back, but my boyfriend convienced me that it gives me a flapper girlish look, so I decided to keep it (and now I’m happy that he did, because I love the look now). ♥

I combined my turban headband with a matching clutch and sandals, while keeping the rest of the look clean in black and white so the focus is going to be on the accessories.

When you are asking yourself, whether to buy a turban headband or not, I’m telling you: go for it.

You can find a few here:








Enjoy looking for and combinig your new turban(s)! ☺


lookbook-suit-hm-turban-headband-andotherstories-sandals-streetstyle-3 lookbook-turban-headband-andotherstories-redlips-redhead-septum-streetstyle-2 lookbook-cape-hm-turban-headband-andotherstories-streetstyle-4lookbook-turban-headband-andotherstories-redlips-redhead-septum-streetstyle-1 lookbook-suit-hm-turban-headband-andotherstories-sandals-streetstyle-5 lookbook-cape-hm-turban-headband-andotherstories-streetstyle-3 lookbook-suit-hm-turban-headband-andotherstories-sandals-streetstyle-6 lookbook-cape-hm-turban-headband-andotherstories-streetstyle-2lookbook-suit-hm-turban-headband-andotherstories-sandals-streetstyle-2lookbook-cape-hm-turban-headband-andotherstories-streetstyle-1


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  1. August 21, 2016 / 8:35 pm

    Mega schöner Look, liebe Katharina <3

    Ich liiiiebe deine roten Haare. Die sehen vor allem in Kombination mit dem Blau einfach mega genial aus!
    Einen Zara-Turban habe ich mir auch erst kürzlich zugelegt. Piratenprinzessin und so 🙂

    Viele liebe Grüße,

  2. August 22, 2016 / 8:11 pm

    Amazing look and photos Katharina! Your style is so impressing and unique! I think you have a great future in the fashion industry babe! Keep it up!
    Much love,

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