Life is a Circus

How do you juggle your problems and keep yourself in balance?

Stress is omnipresent in our daily lives. And often there is a point where we start to feel helpless, lost and are unable to cope with the situation. I know this feeling better than I prefer.

Studying two majors, having a part-time job and also blogging is often more than I can handle.

There are times where I am overworked. And I really have a feeling that I did too much, that I worked too hard. But I’ve learned to manage those situations.

Want to know how?

Here are five advises on how to overcome stress.

#1. Be autonomous.

Stress originates when we are under the impression that we aren’t in control, but still have to deal with it. It feels like we are other-directed. You have to bring to mind that you can do something about it. You are you own boss. Reduce the pressure by taking decisions yourself.

Turn off your phone. You don’t have to be approachable all the time.

Be brave. Allow yourself to say no to new projects or requests by your fellows.

#2. Keep calm!

Sounds pretty obvious right? But it’s really important to keep calm all the time. What really might help you to clear your mind are some relaxations skills. The best ones I know are meditation and autogenic training.

How to do it?

If you like to mediate sit back and relax. You can turn on some music if it helps you. Close your eyes, make yourself comfortable and release your thoughts. Try to focus on yourself, find your inner center and just listen to your own breath.

If you are more the autogenic training type: here is how it works. Lay yourself down or sit in a comfortable position. It doesn’t matter as long as you feel fine. It works with six different exercises.

First: Calmness. Come down and relax. Focus on the relaxation of your muscles.

Second: Severity. Your body starts to feels massy. Your arms and legs weigh hundreds of pounds.

Third: Warmth. Your belly starts getting warm. It spreads your whole body.

Fourth: Breath. Take deep and calm breaths.

Fifth: Heart. Pay attention to your heart. Do you hear and feel those consistent beats?

Sixth: Chill. Your forehead is cold and smooth. Relax your face.

#3. Treat yourself.

Sports really can help you two clear your mind and exercise the stress away. Start jogging and run away the stress. Go swimming and relax your body. Everything is fine a long as it helps you to overcome the stress.

If you are not the sporty kind: drink a tea. Put on some good music. Take your time to focus on yourself instead of others.

#4. Planning.

Grab yourself a pen and paper and try to plan the next steps.

What is important and what isn’t? What do you really have to do? Is there anything you don’t have to do (honestly)?

To become aware of your own situation can be really helpful to manage your problems and also stress.

#5. Make the best of it!

Stress is only bad if you allow it to be.

Why not see the positive sides of stress? (Yes, there are some. 😉  )

It can give you a huge push to surpass yourself. To become bigger than you ever expected. You can beat the stress and learn from your experiences.

Be strong and see the situation as challenge! And when it’s over you are going to be stronger and more confident than before.


What do you do to handle stressful situations?

Let me know!

Lots of love,

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  1. September 15, 2017 / 1:26 pm

    Fantastische Bilder meine Süße!
    Ich hatte so gehofft, bei meinem Besuch in Wien auch die Möglichkeit zu haben vor einem so tollen Karussell shooten zu können aber leider ist keines so schön wie in Paris!
    Danke, für Deinen tollen Tipps. Nr. 2 und Nr. 3 sind wirklich für mich die Wichtigsten. Ich versuche immer positiv zu sein, ganz egal in welcher Situation, denn eine schlechte Situation wird ganz sicherlich nicht durch schlechte Stimmung besser!

    xo Rebecca

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