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Valentine’s Day is waiting around the corner so I decided to make a very personal blogpost with (and also about) my beloved boyfriend…♥

We met in school when I was fourteen and he was thirteen. It wasn’t love at first sight, but we started getting closer than “just friends” and so I was his first love and the first girl he ever kissed.

The young love didn’t last very long and I left him heartbroken, because I thought that we were too young to be in a relationship at that moment.

Years passed by and we stayed friends all along. I knew that I could rely on him and he would have helped me out of  every misery. There were times when we had barely contact but everytime we met I had the feeling that there is a deep connection between us. At my nineteenth birthday he came to my party and I slowly started to fell in love with him. Three weeks later, when we met again I brought myself to make the first step and so I kissed him. He was pretty suprised because he never thought that I would feel that way for him and after a few more dates we came together. At this moment we lived 400 kilometers apart from eachother and sometimes it was very hard for us to keep the relationship going. I suffered a lot from the distance and everytime I had to leave him I cried. The only thing which keeps me up was the thought that on one day the suffering will be over and we will be happy together.

Now, after nearly three years of relationship we are living together in our nice little flat in Munich. Everyday that we are spending together is a huge gift for me.

Thank you for making me laugh everyday! I’m so happy to have you in my life!

You and me, me and you, forever. ♥

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