Hello and a warm welcome to my blog!

This little fairytale starts in May of the year 2015, when a 21 year-old-girl called Katharina, who’s living in Munich decided that making arts can‘t be the only thing which makes her life to what it is.

She was addicted to fashion and lifestyle issues for many years so she started a website and tried to be a new kind of Carrie Bradshaw—a so called fashionblogger.

This little decision should change her life a lot – for the better.

So here we are now. One year after ULTRA VIOLENCE was founded and it‘s growing and blooming happily even after…♥

Thanks a lot for your visit and I hope you are going to enjoy browsing my posts about fashion- and lifestyle issues!

Still interested in the person behind the page? Read 10 fun facts about myself here! 😉